May 20, 2013

BoosterMedia Aims to Further HTML5 Game Development with

BoosterMedia, an HTML5 game distribution network and provider of white-label mobile gaming channels for brands, recently launched a new website,, which aims to further the development of HTML5 gaming. Specifically, the new site acts as a primary resource of information for game developers, as well as for those with a general interest in HTML5.

HTML5 has been gathering steam lately and will continue to do so throughout 2013. Two new HTML5-based mobile operating systems, Tizen and Firefox OS, are scheduled for proper commercial releases before the end of the year, for example. These platforms have received major support from prominent companies in the mobile space, including Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm (News Alert), NTT Docomo and more.

Likewise, 2013 is shaping up to be a significant year for HTML5 gaming, with Epic Games announcing that the latest Unreal Engine will feature support for HTML5. Meanwhile, game technology company Ludei stated in February that it has attracted 3,000 developers to its HTML5 platform in a year.

"HTML5 is quickly gaining ground as a viable platform for games developers," said CEO and founder of BoosterMedia, Laurens Rutten. "Apart from the recent announcements of some Triple-A players, there is already a vibrant community of hundreds of smaller HTML5 game developers, providers of development-tools and game-engines. With this initiative, we want to provide a platform to everyone with an interest in HTML5 gaming. We see the concrete results from hundreds of third party games and from our in-house studio every day. With, we will provide a sneak peek into our kitchen on a regular basis." already has a number of posts up, which are open to public comments, while new contributions from HTML5 experts are to be added in the weeks to come. So far, contributors have tackled subjects ranging from implementing efficient graphics for minimal bandwidth use to which devices to aim for when developing in HTML5.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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