May 22, 2013

Troy Apps Software Predicts Decline in HTML5 Use, Increase in Native Apps

Troy Apps Software, an iPad catalog and training app developer, predicted this past Thursday that the use of HTML5 for successful mobile business strategies will drop now that many big-name app users like Facebook and LinkedIn (NewsAlert) make the move towards using native apps to help increase productivity for their mobile strategies.

"Many companies view their mobile strategies as their highest priority in 2013," Michael Trautt, CEO of Troy Apps Software, said in a statement. "There is a sense of urgency with the companies we meet with to get their teams equipped with native iPad apps.”

According to Trautt, no Internet connection is required in order to use any native apps, there is no wait-time for native apps to load, and iPads are the first choice among Fortune 500 companies. Also, native apps allow on-the-spot editing and order taking, and native apps are easily flexible to create clear learning exercises and manuals.

“Native apps shorten sales cycles, provide better training, and save resources,” said Trautt. “They are so popular and easy to use that employees quickly adopt them, ensuring ROI for enterprise just in terms of increased productivity alone.”

Even though native apps seem like a logical choice, HTML5 is designed to work without restrictions across all mobile platforms and browsers. The main areas where HTML5 lack are not due to the development process, but are instead due to various mobile browsers not supporting all the features that HTML5 has to offer. Native apps are built for that specific piece of mobile equipment; however, are more difficult to develop due to distinctive requirements that vary from device to device.

Troy Apps Software is a developer of native iPad catalog apps with an ease in mobile, enterprise IT and network connectivity. Troy Apps has worked with companies to evolve their print materials for over two decades, turning catalogs, training materials, brochures and presentations into interactive mobile applications. These apps are developed in Apple (News Alert) iOS to create interactive sales tools.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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