May 23, 2013

Undertone Releases ScreenShift Ad Format Using HTML5 for Responsive Design

More companies, developers and users are starting to use and demand the many benefits of HTML5 when they are online. The response has been a faster adoption rate by developers, even though the W3C has not made it official yet. The latest company to use this platform in its development is Undertone, an innovative digital advertising organization for brands. It introduced a scalable and high impact digital ad format that can be distributed across Web environments on smart phones, tablets and desktops. As the industry’s first high-impact ad format, ScreenShift is built using responsive design.

ScreenShift is the first format built using Impact Accelerator, the company’s propriety high-impact framework. As a single HTML creative asset, it will give organizations the ability to deliver an improved experience with a dynamic design and interaction. This format will make available:

    • Device orientation – to take advantage of the display properties of the device and show the content in the best possible layout
    • Interaction model – translating the click-and-drag features to tap-and-swipe functionalities for mobile devices
    • Interactive functionality – provides interactivity that is rich with functionality, including image galleries, social media integration and mobile-specific features like click to call

ScreenShift adapts to the different devices in which the content is being displayed. On desktop and tablets it renders a full browser-width execution, pushing the page content down by 500 pixels. On a smartphone it takes over the whole page so that image can be viewed using all the available space to give the user a similar feel to a PC or a tablet. After an animation of up to 15 seconds, the unit slides back up into a full-width, 90-pixel-high leave-behind unit.

"Web consumption is fragmenting across screens at a rapid rate, and the digital advertising industry is struggling to keep pace. Single screen creative solutions remain effective, but when running cross-screen campaigns across multiple vendors, advertisers can be faced with layers of technical and creative complexity. With ScreenShift, we’ve dramatically simplified the process of delivering high impact advertising across multiple screens at scale," said Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone.

According to the site, all new formats using Impact Accelerator are going to be developed in HTML5 using responsive design. This allows the company to manage and scale interactive functionalities and make updates across all formats, ensuring a consistent creative experience. The format is supported by the company with an end-to-end service with its Digital Innovation Studio as well as full technical and creative development, and consultancy.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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