May 24, 2013

New HTML5 Platform Enables Users to Create Presentations in Minutes

Whether small or big, all organizations would like their representatives to make impressive presentations about the company and its products to potential customers. But, creating notable presentations is not simple. And at times it could be challenging.

To make presentations more compelling and easy to build, Israeli startup Visual Software Systems has released a new cloud-based HTML5 presentation platform called emaze. It makes movie-like presentations and is accessible to millions of SMBs around the world, said the developer. The company also claims that with 30 million presentations prepared every day globally, it is a cost effective service that enables a quick and intuitive user experience and engaging presentations. The announcement was posted on Fort Mill Times site.

Unlike other online presentation platforms, emaze requires no early preparation or professional training, according to the developer. As a result, the user can manage time better and focus on the job to produce better results.

Furthermore, added Visual Software, being an HTML5-based platform, it can be displayed on any type of device whether it’s a PC, tablet or smartphone. The entire platform exists on the Web at

According to the developer, the site offers both free and paid plans. The free option allows the user to store 10 presentations in the cloud, available to all. The Premium Silver feature ($1.99 per month) allows private presentations, and the Premium Gold feature ($4.99 per month) allows an unlimited number of presentations, with the ability to allow limited access to each presentation as well as a premium customer service support.

In a statement, Motti Nisani, Visual Software CEO, said, “There are 500 million people using presentation tools. It seems like less than 10 percent of them actually know how to work out impressive, engaging presentations, it is the rest of the 90 percent who desperately need a helping hand. Today, we are happy to invite them to and see the new platform we have built. We believe that its superior graphics and usability experience together with its accessibility from any device make emaze a convenient and efficient choice for presentation creators everywhere.”

Edited by Alisen Downey


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