May 30, 2013

Adobo Design Award Awarded to InMobi, iProspect

InMobi and iProspect have been honored at Adobo Design Awards 2013, hosted in Manila, capital city of the Philippines, recently. The two organizations have received the most prestigious award in the Best Design, Game and Application Category. While InMobi is a major trendsetter in mobile advertising, iProspect is the international digital performance agency of Adidas.

The affluent media mobile ad campaign for Adidas Boost footwear conducted by InMobi and iProspect was responsible for the Adobo design award. The experience of running naturally with Adidas Boost, a shoe with novel cushioning technology, was highlighted by the campaign. InMobi Studio, a major HTML5 ad-authoring platform, was used to develop the campaign, which was unveiled in the Philippines in early 2013. The campaign produced major levels of engagement amid the target audience.

In a statement, Phalgun Raju, vice president and general manager, India and South-East Asia at InMobi, said, "The Adobo Award demonstrates InMobi’s continued leadership in designing and delivering innovative and award winning campaigns to the brands and agencies we work with. This award is the latest in a series of industry recognitions and wins for InMobi. It reflects the capabilities of our creative services and ad delivery teams in driving HTML5 rich media innovations of our brand advertisers and agencies. Our ability to consistently innovate and deliver on our clients’ marketing messages creatively and effectively is what differentiates InMobi from other mobile ad networks."

The ad effectively communicated the idea of running easily to the ad’s target audience. An individual’s performance against other runners in the area was compared depending on the location. The ad unit also highlighted the results on a customized map.

Shayne Garcia, digital director at iProspect Philippines, said, "I see inMobi not only as a platform provider but as a long-term business partner. What makes inMobi stand out is its passionate people who work together in developing award-winning concepts and technological solutions that help us answer our clients’ marketing objectives. As iProspect continues to develop breakthrough digital campaigns that do not only deliver reach but also engage consumers, I am looking forward to more strategic partnerships with the inMobi team."

Edited by Alisen Downey


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