May 30, 2013

Anahata Releases Beta Version of Study Skills

Anahata Technologies, a software organization based in Perth, Western Australia, has released a beta variant of a Study Skills Web app. The beta version was unveiled by Pablo Rodriguez Pina, founder and director of Anahata Technologies, on May 26, 2013.

The Web app will be made available at School children will be able to learn fundamental study skills using this application.

The application aims at teaching basic study skills to school children. The idea for the application came from a passionate school teacher eager to introduce study skills training to the students via both mobile devices and desktop browsers. The application, which is also available offline, has been developed using HTML5 technology.

Students interested in appraising Study Skills notes can look through the content in a PowerPoint presentation style, simply by tapping on the various slides. Supplementary study skills content is also available on the site under the /downloads URL path. These include study timetable for students of various ages along with extra study skills tips especially for children in classes seven, eight and nine.

Anahata Technologies is a privately owned software development organization established in 2010. The organization deals with the analysis, design, deployment and assistance of economical, custom designed software applications.

The organization uses an iterative, customer-focused software development process as its chosen delivery approach. As part of the process, business analysts call on the customer premises to collect requirements, detail the existing business processes and develop an enhanced flow. After the system requirements are finished, customers are able to test the developing application on a regular basis as part of the uninterrupted incorporation development process. The employees of the customer will be offered system usage training on site after the system has been deployed.

Customers are provided a three-month warranty and support period by Anahata. During this period, users can contact Anahata via phone and email for any queries any number of times. The organization also offers customers access to a Web-based task and issue management system, where they can log requests for enhancements or RFEs. They can also report any failings uncovered during the testing or production stages.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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