June 01, 2013

HTML5 Week in Review

As API standardization process continues, more and more HTML5-based multimedia applications and development platforms are emerging in the market. Consequently, this past week, software developers and solution providers were busy unveiling new products and solutions. While an Internet freedom advocacy group filed a formal objection to the inclusion of digital rights management (DRM) in HTML5.

In response to a recent draft proposal released by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C (NewsAlert)), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a formal objection to the inclusion of digital rights management (DRM) in HTML5. W3C asserts the need for an Encrypted Media Extension (EME) specification in HTML5 for “content protection.”

According to a report by Web editor Blaise McNamee, the proposed W3C specification “defines a common API that may be used to discover, select and interact with content protection or DRM systems as well as with simpler content encryption systems to control playback of protected content.” The report indicates that this EME specification is currently being discussed as part of the emerging technical standard for HTML5, the latest revision of the dominant web markup language for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web.

Using HTML5 technology, Australia’s software developer Anahata Technologies has released a beta variant of a Study Skills Web app, reported TMCnet contributor Carolyn J. Dawson. As per the report, the beta version of the Web app will be made available to school children at, where they will be able to learn fundamental study skills using the application.

The idea for the application came from a passionate school teacher eager to introduce study skills training to the students via both mobile devices and desktop browsers, wrote Dawson.

Dawson also reported that InMobi and iProspect were honored at the Adobo Design Awards 2013 Manila, Philippines. As per this report, the two organizations received the most prestigious award in the Best Design, Game and Application Categories. While InMobi is a major trendsetter in mobile advertising, iProspect is the international digital performance agency of Adidas.

The media mobile ad campaign that received the honor was for Adidas’ Boost footwear, a shoe with novel cushioning technology. The report shows that InMobi Studio, a major HTML5 ad-authoring platform, was used to develop the ad campaign, which was unveiled in the Philippines in early 2013. The campaign produced major levels of engagement amid the target audience, wrote Dawson.

In a statement, Phalgun Raju, vice president and general manager, India and South-East Asia at InMobi, said, "The Adobo Award demonstrates InMobi’s continued leadership in designing and delivering innovative and award winning campaigns to the brands and agencies we work with. This award is the latest in a series of industry recognitions and wins for InMobi. It reflects the capabilities of our creative services and ad delivery teams in driving HTML5 rich media innovations of our brand advertisers and agencies.”

Meanwhile, Sphere 3D Corp. entered into a strategic association with Corel Corp. As part of the contract, Sphere 3D has been named a value added reseller and distributor for Corel Office and Corel PDF Fusion. Sphere 3D can now electronically issue the prize-winning titles to end users. They can be distributed as a normal desktop version, as a Virtual Desktop Instance (VDI), or as mobile software releases powered by Sphere 3D’s Software Virtualization solution, Glassware 2.0.


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