June 04, 2013

Kiplinger Goes with HTML5 for Tablet Site Using Onswipe

Personal finance and business forecasting company Kiplinger has just launched a new "reader-friendly," tablet-oriented version of its website using the popular Onswipe HTML5 platform. As such, iPad users will automatically be treated to a tailored experience when visiting that makes it easier to find and share content via social media.

Onswipe burst onto the scene in 2010, seeing potential in the market for tablet-focused Web content. Its platform allows any website to be easily transformed into a native HTML5 app experience. The company has experienced a great deal of success since its launch, raising $1 million in January 2011, as well as an additional $5 million in June of that year. By that point, the Onswipe platform already powered over 18.5 million sites through a partnership with WordPress.

Since is among the top sites in the personal finance space currently, it is certainly fitting that its reach is now better extended into the mobile space. Indeed, preliminary user testing found that the new, more touch-friendly site layout is more catching, while tablet page views to the site have increased by 133 percent and the average time spent increased from two to eight minutes per visitor.

“The tablet format is more conducive to long-form journalism and gives us a new way to engage our readers with our valuable, trusted content,” said Doug Harbrecht, director of New Media at Kiplinger, in a statement. “We have seen encouraging results, and we will continue bringing innovative enhancements to our digital readers.”

The Onswipe platform was designed to "power the way the world experiences the touch Web" and it does so by allowing website publishers to create an app-like experience in the browser. It still allows for the use of existing content, however, making it easy to incorporate advertising. In the case of Kiplinger, advertisers are able to deliver full-page, magazine-like ads.

Edited by Blaise McNamee


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