June 05, 2013

Google Web Designer to Help Publishers and Advertisers Connect with Multi-screen Users

DoubleClick (NewsAlert), the advertising arm of Google, recently unveiled a new, HTML5-based website design tool called Google Web Designer that promises to offer far greater control over and creativity with advertising. However, Google (News Alert) Web Designer isn’t limited to simply advertising, according to Engadget, and can be used to create complete Web content, from sites to applications, all for free.

According to a blog post from Neal Mohan, vice president of Display Advertising at DoubleClick, this tool was developed in order to address new consumer habits regarding multi-screen viewing. Indeed, consumer research from Leichtman Research Group indicates that 27 percent of adults in the U.S. now consume content on devices other than a TV set daily.

Meanwhile, more consumers are shifting from screen to screen in order to complete tasks. Google Web Designer is meant to help advertisers and publishers connect with these users as they shift across screens.

As such, desktop and mobile-friendly HTML5 was a no-brainer as the base of DoubleClick’s new advertising tool, which will be seamlessly integrated with production workflow tool DoubleClick Studio and AdMob (NewsAlert) at launch, which will greatly simplify the process of building HTML5 content that can be served through multiple Google platforms.

"No other medium builds connections like digital — it’s one of the reasons I remain so bullish on this industry. But digital is not just a medium. It’s the bedrock which enables connections between advertisers and publishers, within our own organizations, as well as brands and consumers," wrote Mohan on the official DoubleClick Advertisers Blog.

"That’s why we’ll continue to invest in helping build these connections — between re-imagined creative tools, reinvented measurement solutions, and revamped ad buying platforms — that will accelerate and propel digital advertising into a $200 billion industry that funds and supports great content."

There’s no official launch date for Google Web Designer yet, but it’s expected to appear some time "in the coming months."

Edited by Alisen Downey


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