June 05, 2013

Bsquare Demonstrates Automotive Tech HTML5 Development, Testing Tools

Bsquare, a manufacturer of smart connected systems, is showing off some of its automated testing and HTML5 development tools in automotive applications.

Mike Stipe, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Bsquare, said the technology demonstrated its strengths in testing and HTML5 development.

"Automotive OEMs demand high-performing yet highly reliable systems and strong software testing solutions, quality management and a UI that helps them to differentiate from the competition. Bsquare has the tools and expertise to help manufacturers achieve all of these objectives. We have deep IVI/Telematics/HMI development and quality management experience with some of the world’s leading automakers and Tier 1 suppliers,” he further commented.

Bsquare’s HTML5 development technology allows developers to create rich interfaces for applications such as navigation or entertainment systems.

Another key problem in automotive technology is testing, as cars are increasingly becoming computers on wheels, with software controlling every little function, from the air conditioning, to navigation, to optimizing engine performance. Testing needs to be both comprehensive and stringent, since cars will encounter a wide variety of environments.

"Automotive companies have always required the highest vehicle performance and quality ratings in order to stand out and stay viable in the market. As the connected car of the future becomes a reality and more components rely on software related technologies, testing and quality assurance solutions will become crucial elements for infotainment and telematics,” Roger Lanctot, associate director of global automotive practice at strategy analytics said.

Bsquare’s TestQuest (NewsAlert) allows automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to test their technologies in conditions the way customers will actually use them in the real world. Suppliers can also swap test cases and share information to their mutual benefit, allowing for more cost-effective testing. Since the majority of the software is embedded, it’s important to get it right because there won’t be an opportunity to patch the software if there are bugs.

Bsquare is currently sponsoring the Telematics Detroit 2013 conference, as well as exhibiting there.

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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