June 12, 2013

Myriad’s Remote UI-HTML5 Gets the Cable Show under Control

Myriad Group AG is likely not a company that leaps to mind immediately when considering the field of entertainment controls, but thanks to the company’s plan to bring its Remote UI-HTML5 to The Cable Show taking place in Washington, D.C. June 10-12, it’s going to be a company that will be well worth watching to see just where it goes from here.

Myriad will, at last report, be both presenting and demonstrating the multi-screen tool in question, in both electronic program guide (EPG) and media controller application formats. Myriad will also be showing the applications in question off on several different platforms, on an iPad and an Android (NewsAlert) tablet alike, but also showing how they run on a set-top box that’s built around RDK. That’s going to provide a lot of insight into Myriad’s ability to work with a set of industry standard gateway-client systems, which in turn boosts the overall versatility of Myriad’s product.

The Myriad Remote UI-HTML5 serves more purposes than just sheer versatility, however; as good as it is to be versatile and ready to go in several different situations, having Myriad’s system on hand is said to allow TV providers to meet a set of upcoming FCC (NewsAlert) regulations that require a level of interoperability between systems, and keeping the FCC mollified is always a plan that’s good for TV providers. Moreover, TV providers will also get the ability to more readily expand service provision throughout customers’ homes, which gives customers more options in terms of where the programming on those services can be viewed. Since Myriad’s product line looks to roll out across a set of different countries as well, this is likely to help secure expansions of television services in countries where online viewing options are less developed overall or blocked by issues of rights.

As described by senior vice president and general manager of Myriad’s device solutions division Edward Zylka, Myriad’s systems are “evolutionary product extensions to Myriad’s existing DLNA product line demonstrating Myriad’s ability to quickly innovate in the progressive consumer electronics market.” The new applications will not only provide a ready way for customers to get more options out of viewing, but also give providers a way to step up to new regulations and offer customers increased value, which in turn should be a big help in terms of keeping some customers around in the face of migration to online video sources.

Myriad’s products may not stop the cable cutters’ numbers from growing, but it likely will help television providers stem some of the losses by providing a better overall product that’s more in keeping with what customers need to see in order to keep writing those checks every month.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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