June 15, 2013

HTML5 Week in Review

As the TV games mania increases, more and more developers are opting for HTML5 technology. As a result, companies in the gaming business have developed platforms that support multiple technologies, including HTML5. Besides Web framework for gaming, this past week developers also unveiled new tools to upgrade legacy mobile applications, as well as online video communications.

Contributing TMCnet writer Steve Anderson reported on the growing interest in the developer community for Nintendo’s Web Framework. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, over a thousand different developers have been in contact with Nintendo to talk about developing on the Web Framework. Iwata made these remarks during a briefing at the recently-concluded E3 event. As per the report, Nintendo’s Web Framework platform allows developers to use a variety of new tools—from HTML5 to JavaScript and CSS (NewsAlert) —in the development of games.

The report indicates that with the Web Framework Nintendo can bring in smaller developers to augment the total numbers of games on hand. “Since Nintendo also supports the Unity platform on the Wii U, that also brings in many more possibilities, since Unity is used by over a million game developers,” wrote Anderson.

In another report, Anderson wrote that an increasingly wide array of video communications tools is coming online. In this report, the writer highlights the Helleo video communication tool from Tixeo, which is both fast and easy to use. It has the ability to work inside any Web browser that can handle HTML5. The report indicates that the Helleo video communications system will not only run without the need for plugins, but will also offer up much faster and easier communications capabilities than many of its contemporaries in the field. The developer claims that Helleo is 20 times faster than e-mail, 10 times faster than instant messaging, and even three times faster than a phone call or video conferencing solution.

TMCnet contributing writer Michael Guta reported that managed technical services provider Cosentry has partnered with AppShark, to offer its customers the tools they need to get their mobile-enabled applications into the cloud seamlessly with a single solution. AppShark will provide the technology for upgrading legacy applications, and add HTML5 and cloud-hosting solutions needed when implementing bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

As per the report, AppShark will bring proven tools to this partnership that will help Cosentry provide cloud and mobile enabled applications with secure access to data from anywhere and on any device for BYOD applications.

Lastly, Carl Ford (NewsAlert) from Crossfire Media shed some light on Git and GitHub, which has grown in popularity lately. Per Wikipedia’s definition, GitHub is a Web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system. GitHub offers both paid plans for private repositories, and free accounts for open source projects.


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