June 17, 2013

SpiderOak Rolls Out New Android App

SpiderOak has long been a company that aims to bring as much privacy as humanly possible when people are browsing the Web. The cloud service provider recently revealed that it is rolling out its Android (NewsAlert) 2.0 application that was actually rebuilt from the ground up, thanks in large part to the HTML5 programming language. The application is completely compatible with SpiderOak Hive.

The new Android application is geared towards setting a new standard when it comes to mobile privacy and using the cloud via mobile devices. The app allows users to access data that is located in the Hive folder as well as any folders or files that are located on any devices that are accessing the SpiderOak services.The company is hoping that the functions through the mobile application is also going to set a new standard when it comes to working with HTML5.

Ethan Oberman, the CEO of SpiderOak talked about what the company hoped to do with this new application in a recent release. “Our new Android app bucks the prevailing trends. We have proven the capabilities of HTML5 and the success of producing open source mobile software. Our Android 2.0 app further sets the groundwork for bringing full ‘Zero-Knowledge’ read/write to mobile devices – leveraging our new Crypton framework. After all, privacy must expand beyond the computer to include the rapidly evolving mobile platform." Oberman said in a statement.

SpiderOak believes that providing protected cloud usage doesn’t mean that the software needs to be proprietary. Open source and HTML5 are both standards for the company’s solutions. Part of this particular approach relates to the hiring of a new lead mobile-developer who is an expert when it comes to working with HTML5 and PhoneGap, which is a top of the line program when it comes to working with HTML5.

The new SpiderOak application comes with some newly added features including better app performance and easier navigation through an enhanced UI.

Edited by Jamie Epstein


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