June 21, 2013

YCD Multimedia Upgrades RAMP Solution to Include HTML5

YCD Multimedia has released an updated version of its Retail Advertising and Merchandising Platform (RAMP) that will include HTML5 support. Additionally, YCD is saying the new platform will bring an increase in flexibility and scalability support.

YCD Multimedia provides digital media solutions and applications for both enterprises and retail markets. The company has created a vast list of products, including content management, YCDIPlayer, YCDIWall, YCDIInteract, YCDIMenu and YCDIImpulse. This RAMP service is specifically designed for food and beverage industries.

“In the fast-paced world of the food and beverage industry, efficiency is key. Customers want to understand their options and be served quickly,” said YCD. “Digital signage addresses this need and others in ways that static, traditional media can’t.”

However, companies run into trouble when their signage and other displays don’t work in the mobile arena. To help with the gap in technology, YCD will upgrade its RAMP platform to include HTML5 capabilities including a player that will run anywhere and help display campaigns, advertisements and menu boards on almost all devices.

“Together, the two help businesses harness the growing popularity and powerful capabilities of HTML5 to create engaging experiences faster and easier, more cost-effectively, and as a result, more frequently,” the company said in a statement. “YCD|RAMP 5 maintains all existing functionality that was developed specifically for marketing workflows; it allows retailers to create, manage, and deliver branded marketing campaigns and product promotions across their entire retail chain.”

Noam Levavi, CEO of New York-based YCD Multimedia, said the new platform would help YCD achieve more success with the implementation of a scalable and open solution.  

“The new version is optimized to further enhance RAMP as a marketing tool to meet the specific business objectives of retailers.  I see this as a way to help corporate marketers improve business processes, as well as to establish a tool set that will improve the management of marketing campaigns, making them more targeted, more efficient and more effective, in a way that creates measurable results for the bottom-line,” Levavi said.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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