June 24, 2013

Mobile Helix’s Link Uses HTML5 to Make App Development, Delivery Easier and More Secure

With HTML5 becoming more prevalent in many areas, it’s not surprising to see that Mobile Helix, an innovator in the area of secure mobile access to enterprise applications and resources, has released Link, an HTML5-based platform for application development and delivery. Described by the company as the "industry’s first pure HTML5 platform" for this purpose, Link is designed for use with mobile devices, desktops and laptops.

As such, the platform currently supports iOS and Android (NewsAlert) with support for Windows 8, Mac OSX and BlackBerry 10 on the way later this year. Best of all, HTML5-based apps can provide a largely consistent experience across each platform, while any differences that do appear can be tackled in the product design phase with Link, ensuring an absolutely seamless experience on different devices.

Link has been available to select customers for trial purposes for some months now — it was first introduced back in December — but has now achieved broad availability.

With the Link platform, apps are hosted on the Link Application Server and are then deployed via any Web browser. The platform integrates with companies’ existing IT processes and infrastructure for this distribution.

Link can also be deployed either entirely on premise, or in a hybrid cloud environment. There’s no word whether the platform will also receive full cloud support.

"The notion that fixed and mobile applications require different development, delivery and security solutions is fundamentally flawed," said Mobile Helix CEO Seth Hallem in a statement.

Being an enterprise product, Link also places a great deal of emphasis on security, while still facilitating a unified approach to app development and porting. In fact, Hallem added that the platform sports "disruptive data security" features that ensure data is secure on any device. What’s more, this enterprise security model is even capable of protecting corporate data on jailbroken devices via device-independent AES-256 encryption of all data and the Controller, a cloud-based system management console.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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