June 24, 2013

HTML5 and CSS3 Give PDF Documents the Flip Book Treatment with flipgorilla

HTML5 has offered up quite a few powerful new tools for users since starting up, and thanks to the folks at flipgorilla, a new one has opened up for those looking to convert PDF files into flip books as a newer addition to the marketing arsenal. The flipgorilla service will allow users to take those PDF documents and make the transfer to flip book, and what’s better, make said flip books accessible to, at last report, all modern browsers, including those that are solely mobile.

Using flipgorilla is a comparatively simple function as well; all a user need do is upload the PDF document to flipgorilla, and then seconds later, get a flip book version of that PDF that can be embedded into virtually any online document. Indeed, users will have plenty of choices where to display the flip book document, from current websites and blogs to online stores, and even throw it out over social media systems. Even better, the format automatically adjusts to fit mobile device screens when used on same, and if there are any live links in the PDF document, said links remain live going into the flip book, so that anyone who wants to make a reference can do so just by leaving the link live.

What’s more, flipgorilla’s books are shown to work well with several other programs as well. Google (News Alert) Analytics will automatically monitor and document embedded flipgorilla flip books, and Enterprise Edition allows for easy adaptation of the flip books to standard corporate design schemes. From there, the flip books can serve a variety of purposes, like spicing up a sales brochure or a prospectus or most anything else in that vein with animations, with video, with whole image galleries and more. There are even plans at flipgorilla to allow users to easily add such material via an online editor, though there’s no word as yet as to when that will emerge.

Take all of this together, and what emerges is an exciting new marketing tool, one that allows the use of HTML5 to create a variety of powerful marketing documents that can not only be viewed anywhere, but can also offer the necessary punch of attention-getting (and by extension, attention keeping) material to make those otherwise potentially dull brochures come alive with extra spark. In fact, flipgorilla actually doesn’t represent the first way to turn PDF files into a flip book, but since many of the previous ways involved Flash, it somewhat limits the usefulness of the whole thing. Using an HTML5 solution instead of Flash allows the resulting document to be used in more places, and allowing sales brochures to be available where ever the potential buyer is is the kind of idea that makes sales reps very happy.

The flipgorilla solution is thus an exciting new addition to the field of marketing, and will likely have plenty of interested users looking to get in on the action.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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