June 29, 2013

HTML5 Week in Review

This past week, advertising platforms and in-room entertainment applications for hotels were busy tapping the benefits of HTML5 technology. While a web browser for Android (NewsAlert) devices uses HTML5-based services to differentiate itself from other browsers in the market, a HTML5 based service gives PDF documents the flip book treatment.

TMCnet contributing writer Monica Gleberman reported that digital media solutions provider YCD Multimedia has released an updated version of its Retail Advertising and Merchandising Platform (RAMP) that includes HTML5 support. The RAMP, which is specifically designed for food and beverage industries, addresses the fast-paced world of the food and beverage industry with options and fast service. It addresses these needs and others in ways that static, traditional media can’t.

As per the report, YCD will upgrade its RAMP platform to include HTML5 capabilities including a player that will run anywhere and help display campaigns, advertisements, and menu boards on almost all devices.

In another report, TMCnet contributor Carolyn J Dawson reported the launch of ground-breaking multiplatform in-room entertainment and information services called HOTstream. Launched by MCOM Media Communications, the HOTstream technology is aimed at Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs from LG Electronics (NewsAlert). The report shows that Hoteliers can now use MCOM’s high-tech HOTstream technology with sophisticated LG TVs, compatible with HTML5. The problems of supplementary cabling, network and power connections are gone as the requirement for an external set-top box is eliminated, wrote Dawson. 

In a statement, Chris Barton (News Alert), manager for Pro:Centric Solutions at LG Electronics USA, said, “HOTstream Multiscreen 4.0 is one of the first HTML5 in-room entertainment applications for our new LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs, guest tablets and smartphones.”

Likewise, TMCnet contributing writer Ben Bosco reported that Mobotap, a developer of Android Web browser Dolphin, has upgraded the version 10 of Dolphin with a new interface that makes it more navigable. The report indicates that the developer is trying to make HTML5 based Dolphin one of the best mobile alternative to Google (News Alert) Chrome.

Lastly, a report by contributing TMCnet writer Steve Anderson reveals software as a service called flipgorilla. It is a platform based on HTML5 and CSS3 for publishing PDF documents as flip books on all modern browsers, including mobile and devices.

The report suggests that flipgorilla service will allow users to upload PDF documents to flipgorilla, and then seconds later get a flip book version of that PDF that can be embedded into virtually any online document. “Indeed, users will have plenty of choices where to display the flip book document, from current websites and blogs to online stores, and even throw it out over social media systems,” Anderson wrote.


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