July 01, 2013

Tadiran Telecom’s Aeonix Dispatch Console Unveiled

Simplification and optimization of daily dispatch communication operations as well as responding quickly during the time of crisis is critical in various vertical markets, such as power and transportation.

In an effort to quickly respond to incidents, emergencies, facility events and support interoperable communications among users of all devices, Internet protocol (IP) business telephony and telecommunications solutions Tadiran (NewsAlert) Telecom has rolled-out its fourth line of enterprise communications solutions called as Aeonix Dispatch Console.

Designed for command and control room environments, the new Aeonix Dispatch Console system provides users with an advanced communications system that facilitates the dispatcher to communicate with one or more peers speedily and accurately with a click of a button.

In general, Aeonix is unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solution that unites disparate business applications into a single platform. Delivered on a fault tolerant and open architecture, it can be deployed in a private cloud environment or as an on premise solution.

The new Aeonix Dispatch Console is implemented as an HTML 5 Web application. As a result, it runs from within a desktop Web browser or from a portable device such as a tablet or a smartphone. This streamlines the response process. Consequently, this feature will improve the efficiency of transportation, delivery services and utility providers.

Featuring a touch-screen dispatch console and a user-friendly user interface (UI) design, the Aeonix Dispatch Console not only provides visual alerts to dispatcher but also equips them with voice reporting, group call management and end-point status.

In addition, dispatchers can also view live feeds from critical nodes on the network by utilizing pan-tilt-zoom controlled CCTV cameras while utilizing Aeonix Dispatch Console.

"The release of the Dispatch Console is an important milestone for Tadiran because it expands our product portfolio and enables us to provide a complete solution to companies who operate in mission critical environments," said Eldad Barak, president and CEO of Tadiran Telecom, in a press release. "The system was designed specifically for ‘distributed environments’ in different vertical markets, allowing tight integration with CCTV surveillance systems and control room applications."

The launch of Aeonix Dispatch Console follows closely with the launch of Tadiran’s another newest solution for the Aeonix UC&C platform, which was launched in January 2013.

Edited by Alice Koganova


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