July 03, 2013

Xumanii Adopts HTML5 Features for Watermarks and Banner Overlays

HTML5 is popping up with more and more uses all the time. One of the most popular ways in which companies have used the programming language is by putting together games that are available on a multitude of platforms. Those who aren’t all that interested in the gaming sector have found ways to come up with virtual desktops using HTML5 to access as many different devices as possible. Sometimes, like with Xumanii, the tech is used for less grandiose, but still very useful functions. For example, being able to use banner overlays and watermarks on the company’s broadcasts, no matter what format those broadcasts have been packaged in.

Xumanii announced late last week that it had perfected the use of HTML5 programming when it comes to its broadcasting of live events in HD using wireless cameras from multiple angles. By using this programming language, the company is able to keep the production costs for these broadcasts relatively low.

The ability to put a watermark on these broadcasts could also mean a brand new avenue for revenue, especially with the capability to broadcast on so many different devices. Companies will be able to pay a fee to Xumanii to have their individual banners or watermarks appear on screen of these live broadcasts.

Xumanii is hardly the only company dealing with live and streaming content that has found the joy of HTML5. Netflix recently started shedding the Microsoft (News Alert) Silverlight plugin in favor of HTML5. While that changeover is still on a smaller scale, it demonstrates that even bigger companies are coming around to the versatility of the programming language.

Xumanii Founder and CEO Alexandre Frigon talked about his company’s move towards embracing HTML5 in a recent release saying, "As we enter the commercialization phase of our model we are excited to begin by offering these three options to our corporate advertising partners and advertisers. With these features, we can offer competitive brand messaging for corporate clients to attach their name to Xumanii and to the artist we are broadcasting."

Edited by Lacey Henry


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