July 06, 2013

HTML5 Week in Review

It was a busy week in the HTML5 sector. Here are some of the major stories.

One of the most popular ways in which companies have used the HTML5 programming language is by putting together games that are available on a multitude of platforms. Also, sometimes, like with Xumanii, the tech is used for other very useful functions. Xumanii announced that it has perfected the use of HTML5 programming when it comes to its broadcasting of live events in HD using wireless cameras from multiple angles. By using this programming language, the company is able to keep the production costs for these broadcasts relatively low.

In addition, Ericom Software, a provider of access solutions and desktop virtualization application solutions, announced recently that AccessNow will be available for VMware View version 2.4. Organizations that use VMware View will be able to roll out Windows-based applications to large groups of users across a wide range of devices without having to rely on full access to the virtual desktop. The update will also include new language support (including Japanese and Korean) for touch and keyboard, as well as audio support for mobile Apple (News Alert) devices running iOS 6 or greater, and localized user interface (UI) based on location.

Also, Tadiran Telecom has rolled out its fourth line of enterprise communications solutions called Aeonix Dispatch Console. The new Aeonix Dispatch Console system provides users with an advanced communications system that facilitates the dispatcher to communicate with one or more peers speedily and accurately with a click of a button. The new Aeonix Dispatch Console is implemented as an HTML 5 Web application. As a result, it runs from within a desktop Web browser or from a portable device such as a tablet or a smartphone. This streamlines the response process. Consequently, this feature will improve the efficiency of transportation, delivery services and utility providers.

It was also reported the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is the main international standards organization for the Web, is putting some finishing touches HTML5. It is looking to make it as secure as possible. Also, new features include a Geolocation API which lets the browser know where you are. Also, a Media Capture API lets the browser access your camera and microphone.

And Netflix has moved to HTML5 for video streaming instead of using the Microsoft (News Alert)-based Silverlight plug-in. Testing indicates that the switch to HTML5 means a huge drop in CPU usage when it comes to streaming video, accounting for around one third less CPU usage in HTML5 than the equivalent video streamed with Silverlight. That means less use of batteries.


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