July 08, 2013

FaceToGIF Allows You to Easily Make Your Own GIFS Thanks to HTML5 Tech

We all know that there are all kinds of uses when it comes to the programming language known as HTML5. Solutions and software made with HMTL5 have the ability to basically operate on any kind of format that the user would like. That is why online gaming companies have come to embrace HTML5 as the foundation for most of their offerings. Games are far from the only uses for the language and more and more people are finding ways to take advantage of all that HTML5 can do. The newest little treat is the ability to make a GIF out of your facial expressions whenever you feel like it.

There are more companies than ever who are looking for ways to actually use HTML5 in their day-to-day businesses. Xumanii just recently came up with a way to put a company’s watermark on a video or picture no matter what the format. While it’s always nice to be able to incorporate this kind of technology into the average work day, there are plenty of fun applications that don’t have anything to do with playing a game.

If you are someone who loves to play around on the Internet, then you’ve probably come to understand the true value of a well-placed GIF. These files, which are usually soundless pictures that have a couple of seconds of motion in them, are often used to convey some kind of emotion or message. There are so many GIFs out there that you can usually find one that has already been created to get your message across. Should you actually run into a situation where you can’t find the right GIF, FaceToGIF will allow you to actually create your own right from your browser (providing you come equipped with a webcam.)

The HTML5 tool will allow you to create a new GIF right from your browser (any browser) and then download the GIF or save it to Imgur. Keep in mind that if you want to upload to Imgur, the GIF is going to have to be really short in order to stay under the file size limits.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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