July 08, 2013

VIVOTEK Unveils Design Tool App for iOS and Android Platforms

VIVOTEK has unveiled its Design Tool app for iOS and Android (NewsAlert) platforms. The application is expected to help the company’s customers to receive precise and detailed product information for their specific installation and project design requirements directly on their mobile devices.

Steve Ma, executive VP at VIVOTEK, said, “Mobile devices are an intrinsic part of today’s life. Apps on the move have become the most efficient way for us to communicate with our customers.”

Before Design Tool, VIVOTEK offered an e-catalogue app called iVolume for iOS and Android devices. The application includes comprehensive information pertaining to VIVOTEK’s product portfolio and technical details and documents.

iVolume features all the products of VIVOTEK covering detailed information on the Supreme, V and C series network cameras, accessories, network video servers, network video recorders and software.

“After the launch of our iVolume app, VIVOTEK is proud to announce the launch of the Design Tool, which will be the definitive resource to allow users to select VIVOTEK products which fit their need,” Ma added.

When launching or implementing a project, it is difficult to select the most suitable product that can ensure quality and cost effectiveness. Also the process takes too much time and manpower.

Repeated communication between different people and agencies in deciding the details of specific products or features during the launch of a project may result in delays in schedule and is too expensive also.

The Design Tool app serves as an easy-to-use user interface and intuitive operating mode, which will help VIVOTEK developers, system integrators, engineers and customers to select the optimum mix of products according to design criteria and requirement at less time and cost.

Using the Design Tool app, customers can pick products by category and make feature comparisons. Also bandwidth, storage, power consumption, lens options and system requirements can be calculated for the products based on requirements.

VIVOTEK’s Design Tool is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and is optimized for power consumption calculation and system suggestion.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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