July 12, 2013

DreamFactory Talks HTML5 Adoption and Market Trends

HTML5 is the fifth and latest version of the Internet markup language that enables websites, apps and platforms to feature clean, fast and efficient performance. Gaming is a popular industry taking advantage of the technology, but is far from the only one realizing the benefits HTML5 offers.

HTML5 addresses several major issues of interest to business application developers, including using touch on mobile devices, cross-platform utility and providing a native way to achieve a rich Internet application with less dependency on JavaScript.

TMC (NewsAlert) recently caught up with Bill Appleton, president of DreamFactory, to discuss HTML5 adoption, the architecture for mobile and app development with HTML5.

DreamFactory is a developer and publisher of rich applications for next-generation Web service platforms. It enables enterprises, Web development agencies and independent developers to build secure, modern mobile apps and deploy them on any cloud or data center.

“People really seem to be adopting the rich client aspects of HTML5,” Appleton said. “Right now we are 100-percent HTML5. This could move lower with the release of our native SDKs later in the year.”

Rich Internet application means user-friendly controls and fast response times, especially on different platforms. Developers also have to consider serving clients running on at least four major operating systems, tens of browser types and versions, numerous display configurations and new devices every day.

When it comes to interoperability issues, “We have been working with AngularJS, Sencha EXT and Touch, and jQuery Mobile. This issue will sort itself out over time. The challenges building native apps are much bigger."

Native apps are ones downloaded to our devices and engineered specifically for a designated OS or platform. Web apps, the ones written in HTML5 and related Web technologies, are housed on the Web and run across all mobile platforms, operating systems and devices. However, the acceptance of HTML5 apps has a long way to go: earlier this year, a YouGov survey found that 66 percent of iPhone users and 63 percent of Android (NewsAlert) users say it’s important that apps are native – they feel the native apps take advantage of their particular smartphone’s capabilities.

For developers just starting with HTML5, Appleton advises to use the DreamFactory Services Platform for the collaborative aspects of apps. The DreamFactory Services Platform enables developers to create mobile applications without needing to do any server-side, back-end development. The platform’s focus on the enterprise, its open-source nature, and its ability to be installed in an enterprise’s own cloud or data center make it different from other mobile platform offerings.

As with many aspects of the technology industry, cloud is a big buzzword. When it comes to Web development and the cloud, Appleton said, “These are two great things that go great together. By definition a mobile app is outside the firewall, so the cloud is a natural way to build that experience.”

DreamFactory will be attending the upcoming DevCon5, a developer’s conference based on HTML5 trends, resources and developments, in New York on July 24 and 25. It is exhibiting its solutions at the event as well as participating as a gold sponsor. Appleton will be speaking at the event in a session, “How to Apply a Services Approach to Enterprise Mobile App Development,” where he will outline the current state of mobile app development and deployment and discuss the need for an approach that uses powerful cloud services through a REST interface that supports JSON objects for HTML5 or XML documents for native applications.

To learn more, visit the DevCon5 event homepage.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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