July 17, 2013

WebDAM Solutions Unveils New Innovations to the WebDAM Platform

Companies involved in creative work should have easy access to their files to maintain an unobstructed workflow. This will improve their creativity and also enhance productivity.

Setting new standards in user experience, WebDAM Solutions has introduced many new innovations to the WebDAM platform. The company offers a centralized cloud-based platform to find and share creative files for its clients.

These creative files include graphics, marketing collateral, images, logos, videos, presentations and audio files. The latest release includes an intuitive analytics and reporting dashboard. It also provides drag and drop functionality in its newly introduced administrative interface. Other features include an embedded Web CMS to deliver custom web pages.

The company believes that these new features allow its clients to enhance brand management, collaboration and improve workflows. These new features were created using HTML5 and jQuery framework; they provide quick access to find and manage content in seconds. They also enable users to upload videos once and let WebDAM take care of the encoding for different platforms and devices.

Users do not need to install any software with this platform. They will also have the ability to search by customizable metadata fields or within documents.

“With the advancements in the digital world, creative teams have been forced to completely rethink how they work together, grow and control their brand, and produce materials faster than ever to stay competitive,” said Jody Vandergriff, president and co-founder of WebDAM. “We are constantly striving to provide the best user experience to get the job done. This release is another example of how we have been able to take difficult challenges and makes them beautifully easy for end users and the enterprise — no training required.”

In 2012, the company announced that its web-based DAM solution has allowed it to achieve record breaking growth in higher education.

Edited by Alice Koganova


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