July 18, 2013

High School Web Design Releases Intro to HTML5 Curriculum

Technology courses provider High School Web Design recently released its Introduction to HTML5 Curriculum, the first of its kind.

The curriculum features 30 days of lessons for teachers wanting to help their students learn about the fundamentals of HTML5. Topics revolve around the differences between HTML5 and earlier versions including new semantic elements, figures and captions, times and dates, semantic shift of formatting elements, new form field types and attributes, native audio and video, and current browser support and fallback strategies.

Teachers will be provided with numerous materials such as 180 slides to help teach core concepts, nine hands-on class projects, source code examples, grading rubrics, student handouts, as well as weekly quizzes and a final exam. The HTML5 course is a follow-up to the technology publisher’s well known Introduction to Web Design curriculum.

"It’s actually a pretty dense course and we designed it to flow directly from the 12-week Introduction to Web Design course," Michael Cheser, general editor of curriculum, said in a statement. "If a teacher needs to fill an 18-week semester with Web design instruction, these two curricula should fit the bill nicely, and at just a sliver of the prices charged by the big-name publishers."

The HTML5 Curriculum is available to schools as a non-recurring single license, which enables all teachers, students, classrooms and computers of the licensed school access to the curriculum. In addition to it being a one-time expense, there are also no upgrade fees.

Upon completion of the HTML5 course, students will have everything they need to know to be able to create a website using the increasingly popular fifth version of the Internet markup language. As explained by Cheser, HTML5 is becoming the norm platform for websites due to the fact "that it provides clean solutions to so many long-standing headaches for the Web design community."

Edited by Alisen Downey


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