July 24, 2013

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v2 Steps Up to the Windows 8 Plate

When it comes to the Microsoft (News Alert) Visual Studio Partner environment, ComponentOne—part of the larger GrapeCity group—is a name that is often conjured up. So for those who spend a lot of time in Microsoft Visual Studio, the news that ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v2 has now been released will likely prove very welcome news indeed. The news may perhaps prove especially welcome for those studios with a Windows 8 focus.

The second of three releases planned for this year, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise v2 looks to capitalize on the earlier release, which offered a variety of both user interface and data controls for Microsoft Visual Studio, allowing both HTML5 and Windows Store tools to come into the equation. But the second version of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is looking to offer up quite a bit in the way of extra features, starting with a set of enhancements geared toward Windows 8 users. 

New support for AngularJS, Google’s (News Alert) JavaScript framework, has also been brought in, opening up a set of new options geared toward helping users both create and maintain user interfaces that feature a lot of changes all at once. Model View ViewModel (MVVM) options become available in both JavaScript and HTML5 development, as well as the ability to extend HTML by way of custom tags, the ability to employ dynamic views, and several other new options, bolstered by a set of new mobile MVC tools from Wijmo.

The C1RadialMenu control system is still in place, offering a unique spin on the classic context menu to help make development a little easier, displaying menu items organized around a central button in a configuration that’s described as being a lot like a pinwheel. Additionally, a new RichTextBox control system offers hew value for those who need to work with text in HTML or, of course, RTF. Touch support has also been made available to ComponentOne’s Silverlight and WPF suites.

DefCon5, an HTML5 and mobile app developers conference taking place at the Kimmel Center July 24 – 25, 2013, will feature information and tools related to HTML5.

Those interested in trying out the ComponentOne lineup—which not only includes Studio Enterprise 2013 v2 but also a set of component suites that comprise a large package—can get in on 30 day trials of same at no charge, which can be downloaded via the company’s website. Additionally, there are tutorials, documentation items, forums and a variety of other educational matter on Studio Enterprise to be found there as well.

Development isn’t an easy process for anyone, so tools that can make a tough job a little easier are likely always welcome, especially if those tools work out well. The ability to try the system out for 30 days will doubtless prove even more welcome as developers can figure out of if the Studio Enterprise v2 release is the right tool for the job. Either way, knowing it will work, or knowing it won’t work, is well worth finding out.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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