August 07, 2013

EditLive! Integrates HTML5, Social Media Capabilities

As the march toward HTML5 integration continues, Ephox released a new version of its EditLive! rich text editor that includes HTML5 support as well as improved social media capabilities.

One of the biggest changes for users is the inclusion of HTML5’s new semantic markup, including video and audio elements. With the updated version, the company reports developers also can tailor the editor’s look and feel with more customization options as well as increase performance without the need to eliminate dialogs or remove features to improve speed. EditLive! offers the ability to edit both in WYSIWYG mode and in HTML mode.

"EditLive! has a great track record of providing powerful and easy-to-use online HTML editing capabilities," said Andrew Roberts, CEO, Ephox. "This ninth release brings 20 new and improved features for the modern Web, including the display and editing of HTML5 elements, the use of oEmbed for social media content, and support for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)." 

The latest version of EditLive! includes support for HTML5 elements.

The company’s WYSIWYG HTML editor is embedded in Web applications such as content management systems (CMS). Non-technical users then can use the editor for writing, editing and formatting content. Common uses include blogging platforms, wikis, learning management systems and e-mail marketing services.

EditLive! 9 gives non-technical end users new functionality as well, including the ability to embed social media from sites such as YouTube, SlideShare, Instagram and Google (News Alert) Maps, see how content will appear on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and ensure compliance with accessibility guidelines with new reports and as-you-type compliance indicators.

Users of IBM (News Alert) Connections, IBM Web Content Manager and OpenText Web Experience Management can use EditLive! 9 via pre-built out-of-box integrations.

EditLive! is available for download in a 30-day trial on  

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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