August 12, 2013

MightyMeeting Simplifies Worker Collaboration with HTML5

With the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) in the workplace, efficient collaboration can sometimes seem like a monumental task. But new technology is aiming to make that goal less daunting, and provide an updated way to keep workers on the same page.

The mobile collaboration and learning company MightyMeeting (NewsAlert) recently announced the availability of MightyMeeting for HTML5. The MightyMeeting platform is a Web-based application that delivers real-time content synchronization, whiteboard sharing and video conferencing, with no browser extensions or plug-ins required. In an age of “platform fragmentation” as a result of BYOD, with workers switching from a Windows laptop to an Android (NewsAlert) phone to an Apple tablet, MightyMeeting hopes to make it easy to keep information consistent across platforms.

MightyMeeting enables online and paperless face-to-face meetings across any platform, leveraging WebRTC unified communication technology for easy and secure deployment. Users can open documents such as PowerPoint slideshows or PDF files in the MightyMeeting Web browser, and an interactive whiteboard allows participants to jointly review and annotate those documents from any device, network or location. Video conferencing is also supported for up to six participants.

What’s more, the MightyMeeting application is easy to spread across an office. IT managers can use a single URL to deliver a copy of MightyMeeting to everyone in the organization, and updates to the application are automatic in spite of the type of device workers are using.

MightyMeeting also emphasizes its ability to be used in education, as BYOD has become more prominent in schools, with students using laptops and tablets to take notes and perform other functions. MightyMeeting has the potential to be deployed across a district for online and classroom collaboration.

BYOD may cause fragmentation in the workplace, but this sort of HTML5 technology might assuage the frustrations that come with those disparities. A future of easier collaboration and more efficient worker cooperation may be ahead.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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