August 13, 2013

Trendytools Launches HTML5 Site Builder cPanel Plug-in

When drag-and-drop website builders started offering their services less than 10 years ago, they weren’t considered a serious platform by many professional developers. However, today these companies have millions of users with websites capable of performing the same functions as other sites created using traditional methods. The top providers Weebly, Wix, Jimdo and Yola have a combined customer base of 63 million users around the world. Trendytools, a website builder for cPanel hosts, has launched HTML5 Site Builder cPanel Plug-in, which allows Web hosting providers to offer HTML5 site builders to their customers.

Using Trendytools, Web hosts can give customers a boutique of website builders to address their particular industry. Each category has its own set of tools related to the industry, and once the plug-in is installed in cPanel, customers will be able to access the site builders based on their requirement. 

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The company uses Amazon Ec2 servers to self-host the website builders, ensuring they will always be available even when new features and enhancements are being updated. The plug-in can be installed by any Web hosting company without a minimum purchase. The company provides support through the website builder administrator page using chat and email to communicate with customers. The support is strictly limited to website builder functionality and usage.

“We have launched these pocket friendly cPanel site builders as we observed Web hosting companies spend a fortune on Site Builders by paying per server. Our current licensing is modeled for 10 servers each. We can do custom pricing for hosting companies that have more than 10 servers. Our goal is to offer hosting companies superior website builder without burning the pockets of Web hosts already grappling with razor-thin margins. ” Said Abhishek Khaitan, business development manager of

The first generation of site builders had basic functionality, but today a website designed using these applications are able to conduct e-commerce, adapt to mobile platforms, integrate with social networks, and most of the functionalities of other sites.

The contract for a single server license with only the business site builder is $125 per year and $175 for a 10 server license. The supersaver pack which includes all the categories is $175 for a single server and $275 for 10 servers per year.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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