August 13, 2013

Infinite Monkeys Selects Raptor Arts Studio as App of the Week

Infinite (NewsAlert) Monkeys announced the selection of Raptor Arts Studio as the “App of the Week” for the week starting August 5, 2013. Infinite Monkeys reviews and selects one app on a weekly basis from the thousands of mobile apps published in the web space using its free app maker platform to be honored as “App of the Week.”

Raptor Art Studio made the cut for August 5 – 11, 2013 for its quality and resourcefulness in bringing mobile apps closer to conventional businesses. Many small enterprises, community groups, blogs and sports teams use Infinite Monkeys’ free app maker solution to design and launch mobile apps that are compatible with smartphones operating on iPhone (NewsAlert), Android and HTML5.

The free drag-and-drop app maker from Infinite Monkeys’ enables organizations like Raptor Arts Studio to tap the ever growing market for mobile apps to be deployed on around 1 billion smartphones in use across the world. As per the industry trends, around 85% of the smartphone users browse Internet on these phones creating new opportunities for companies to develop various technologies to gain big in this trend.

In an interview, Vincent Chiantelli, Illustrator and Sculptor, who owns Raptor Arts Studio said, “Since almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet I felt it was more efficient to let everyone have access to my artwork and shop at This way they can see what my newest sculpture or painting is at the touch of a button. Many people are on the road or on vacation and the last thing they want to carry around is a computer. So it just seemed right. I did a bit of research on Google as well as YouTube (NewsAlert) and it seemed Infinite Monkeys was very well laid out, easy to follow and affordable.”

The app maker solution from Infinite Monkeys’ portfolio enables organization to develop a cutting edge app like the Raptor Arts Studio without the need to employ expensive mobile technology vendors. The easy to use feature in the app maker solution also eliminates to need for having to train a company’s resource on using the app maker to build a mobile app to meet the demands of modern day customer.

Infinite Monkeys is engaged in the development of drag-and-drop mobile app creation platforms with affordable pricing options, making it the most preferred choice with small and emerging businesses.

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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