August 13, 2013

Presentation Next HTML5 Presentation Builder Now Available on Windows Store

Microsoft (News Alert) Windows 8 and Windows RT users will be happy to hear that a new HTML5 presentation builder application, Presentation Next, is now available from the Windows Store. It’s a must-try tool for HTML5 aficionados, too.

Cited to be a head-turner by its publisher UnisonCare Corporation, the new app is capable of creating cinematic presentations that can be viewed on Windows, Android (NewsAlert), Linux and Mac operating systems.

The Presentation Next app was developed by Zia Khan, Microsoft Windows Azure’s most valuable professional (MVP), as part of a team of 11 developers.

With the passion for developing new stuff on Windows 8 and HTML5 platforms, Khan created the Presentation Next tool to facilitate end users create HTML5 documents without any knowledge of software development.

There was a time when Web developers used to write kilobytes to megabytes of codes to build a beautiful, intuitive and interactive website. With HTML5, things are much easier with cross-platform and multibrowser support. And, with tools like Firebug, Adobe (NewsAlert) Fireworks, Dreamweaver and InDesign, creating intuitive and interactive Web elements has become much easier.

Now, lets see what Presentation Next has to offer. According to UnisonCare Corporation, Presentation Next is a tool that allows users to create presentations that run in a browser on any device.

Presentation Next offers a user interface (UI) that helps users fly over a large map of concepts, zooming and shifting between them, rather than scouting from one slide to another during presentation. This feature helps in creating movie-like presentation shows using HTML5-based Web technologies.

In addition, Presentation Next encompasses an extremely large canvas and supports all types of inputs, such as mouse, touch, keyboard and digital pen, thereby making it a very good medium for visual communication, idea presentation and storytelling. It can be used to draw different kinds of shapes and lines as well. With these capabilities, users can draw ideas spatially using a any of the inputs seamlessly.

Offering both cinematic as well as plain vanilla slide presentation templates that cater to everyday personal and business use, Presentation Next also supports high-density retina displays, high-resolution monitors and multimedia projectors. The presentations use W3C’s standard Web technologies. These features make the presentations viewable in all modern browsers and on all devices.

One of the most popular features among developers is the capability to create a single HTML5 file that can be attached to e-mails or can be hosted on a website. Users can even create new images with pencil, markers and brushes, and insert PNG, JPG, and SVG images into the presentations while using Presentation Next.

The bottom line? This app offers healthy competition to other HTML5 tools in developing next-gen Web experiences.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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