August 15, 2013

Connected Cars Go HTML5 with ACCESS Browser

Video on-the-go is a sought-after element of the in-car experience, whether that comes in the form of built-in DVD players or those New York City-style rear-seat Web screens. Looking to increase the options for automakers, ACCESS is leveraging the HTML5 applications support inside its NetFront Browser for connected cars to add Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) multiscreen support and the ability to stream hybrid TV content directly to in-vehicle “infotainment” systems using the HbbTV European standard.

The NetFront Browser is a high performance HTML5 engine provisioning HMI for automotive infotainment systems, HTML5 Internet browsing and bespoke automotive applications. It includes support for all relevant broadcast standards and video, along with automotive-specific functionality. And by supporting key multiscreen building blocks such as Web Socket alongside HTML5 RUI, NetFront Browser provides service and user interface (UI) discovery, inter-application communication and barrier-free multiscreen UIs, enabling car manufacturers to deliver intuitive UIs and services seamlessly to multiple devices in the connected home environment.

The DLNA-ready NetFront Living Connect platform meanwhile allows TV, video, audio and other content to be shared between users throughout a car. A key case for this solution is to enable content to be shared between automotive infotainment systems, home hubs, tablets and smartphones, game devices, digital cameras and more.

"By providing automotive solutions with support for all relevant standards including HbbTV in Europe, BML in Japan, CML in China and GINGA in South America, ACCESS ensures that the car industry can address a truly global market," said Neale Foster, vice president of global sales IA, ACCESS. "NetFront Living Connect provides the automotive industry with a standards-based multiscreen media sharing solution that can make the most of the rise in smartphone and tablet usage to address the growing need to share content and personalize the in-car experience."

Edited by Ryan Sartor


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