August 19, 2013

Intel Brings its Years of Programming Experience to HTML5 Development

HTML5 has received support from a number of major companies — most notably Google (News Alert), which has been supporting HTML5-capable browsers exclusively for about two years now —but, until recently, Intel (News Alert) hasn’t had much to say about it. It might seem odd to expect Intel, the PC hardware giant, to weigh in on anything software related, but the company does have interest and experience in that area, too.

Actually, the company has a long history in programming, going all the way back to the mid-1970s.

Regardless, the company best known for its processors recently came out in favor of HTML5 technologies. In fact, Intel seems to have high expectations for the latest revision of HTML, which only became a finalized W3C standard in December of last year.

Michael Richmond, senior architect for Intel’s Open Source (NewsAlert) Technology Center, sees HTML5 as much more than a Web technology, having stated: "You’re going to see applications that exploit screen real estate in a way that we haven’t seen before."

In particular, Richmond referred to HTML5 applications capable of automatically adapting to different screen sizes, allowing for more information being made immediately available on bigger displays. Meanwhile, HTML5 offers benefits over native programming, such as eliminating the need for developers to redo code in service of each platform.

"For us, the developer economics are compelling," added Richmond.

Of course, HTML5 does offer a lot in the area of Web development, boasting a set of standard technologies for building more multimedia-focused websites — which the Internet has been moving steadily toward for years.

Intel’s premiere HTML5 development tool is its Intel XDK, but the company does boast a broader range of tools as part of the Intel HTML5 Development Environment, a cross-platform toolkit that allows developers to quickly create, test and deploy apps across multiple app stores, operating systems and devices.

Edited by Rich Steeves


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