August 26, 2013

Informative Graphics Unveils Brava 7.2 with HTML5 Enhancements

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) is well known in the area of viewing, collaboration and redaction technology, with its Brava viewing and collaboration software being perhaps its most popular offering. Those who do use the software should be excited to learn that IGC has announced version 7.2 of Brava, which builds upon the software’s core collaboration, universal viewing, secure redaction and  versatile publishing features with several enhancements, namely an update to the cross-platform Brava Enterprise HTML5 client.

Introduced about a year ago for Brava 7.1, the Brava Enterprise HTML5 client is a flexible, IT-friendly solution that allows users to securely view and collaborate with any type of document, image or drawing. As with other Brava solutions, the HTML5 client integrates with all major content management systems, but isn’t dependent on workstation installation or plug-ins, thanks to its HTML5 base. This also means it can run in practically any environment, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

With the Brava 7.2 update, the HTML5 client now offers CAD vector viewing, enabling crisp views at any zoom level, as well as the ability to set layer visibility and view object attributes. Furthermore, the client facilitates electronic document signing, allowing signatures to easily be added to documents manually, or with a signature template. This even allows integrators to setup a workflow that adds a signature page to documents automatically.

"Companies today need features that increase worker efficiency and reduce errors, and the new Brava 7.2 does just that," said IGC CEO Gary Heath. "With new features like electronic signatures that can hook right into the ECM system, and Checkview that aids in repetitive form reviews, Brava makes formerly tedious tasks quick and virtually painless."

Other enhancements introduced in Brava 7.2 include a new Checkview feature, which speeds up the form review process, new text comparison features for faster document comparison, and the ability to publish documents to PDF/E and to Fast Web View.

Edited by Blaise McNamee


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