September 02, 2013

Opera’s SDK Support to bring HTML5 Web Apps to TiVo DVRs

The introduction of TiVo (News Alert) in 1999 introduced a new way to record television content. The new digital video recorder (DVR) was able to record shows and download content on the device with personalized search criteria to give the viewer access to TV shows, movies, and music. Since that time the technology has evolved, and the new TiVo DVRs provide more options and services. The Roamio DVR platform by TiVo will be able to support Opera’s Devices SDK to introduce HTML5 Web apps and make them available on the Opera TV store.

The Opera Devices SDK is an extensible TV platform that gives developers the ability to create HTML5 applications specifically designed for TiVo. This opens many opportunities for developers for creating custom applications with a full Web browsing experience and entertainment options for connected and interactive TV. Developers can submit their app for review, and once it is approved it will be part of the store catalog. The new applications will be available at the Opera TV store which will be deployed by TiVo early next year.

The change to HTML5 will allow TiVO to easily integrate with other connected home entertainment platforms and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

By partnering with Opera, TiVo will gain access to an established platform which is available on millions of devices providing customers access to many of the applications currently available at the Opera Store. The apps run from the cloud and they are designed to fit any screen size or resolutions with categories in games, music, news and information, social networking, and the most popular option, video.

Users can purchase the apps using their remote control to navigate and launch the app without having to get up or attaching any other device.

The Roamio DVRs can record up to six shows at the same time and store 450 hours of HD content along with out-of-home streaming. It also supports over-the-top apps such as Netflix, YouTube (NewsAlert), Hulu Plus,, and AOL On; and because Netflix and YouTube are built on Opera, they will be able to perform more efficiently.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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