September 09, 2013

Hi Slider Tests the Waters with New HTML5 Slideshow Maker

HTML5 has been readily adopted for a number of media and business-oriented purposes, often marrying the two very successfully. For example, online presence solution provider Pixpa recently augmented its photography portfolio platform with HTML5 for greater flexibility and power. Likewise, MightyMeeting recently brought its content synchronization, whiteboard sharing and video conferencing capabilities over to HTML5.

In keeping with this trend of HTML5 migration, Hi Slider, a company that provides a wide range of JQuery WordPress sliders and Joomla Slider apps, recently introduced its free HTML5 slideshow maker.

Hi Slider offers a range of dynamic solutions aimed at IT designers looking to make quick slideshow presentations. As such, the company’s new HTML5 slideshow maker app, which can be downloaded from the Hi Slider website, stays in-line with its established slideshow focus.

Put simply, the HTML5 slideshow maker allows people to create sliders instantly and without any coding knowledge whatsoever. The real differentiator of this new offering, though, is its ability to support mobile platforms including iOS and Android (NewsAlert), as well as desktop platforms such as Windows and Mac OS X.

Meanwhile, users can expect a number of customizable features for making each slide show unique and creative, as well as the same level of performance available from Hi Slider’s other offerings. Finally, like all of its offerings, Hi Slider’s HTML5 slideshow maker is available completely free of charge.

Despite its advanced nature, it appears that Hi Slider’s HTML5 slideshow maker doesn’t signal a complete shift over to HTML5 and instead seems to serve more as a way for the company to test the waters. The company underscored this point through a statement on its website declaring that all of its offering will continue to receive updates in the future.

“We will keep improving our product to meet your needs, and we will add more features in the future,” reads the statement.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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