September 09, 2013

iPoker Network Launches New HTML5 Client

HMTL5 has a ton of different functions when it comes to the Internet and mobile devices. One of the most popular ways the programming language is used is for various mobile games, so that those games can be played on as many mobile devices as possible. Games that are written in HTML5 are popping up all the time. Other entertainment categories are using the tech as well, such as iPoker, which is rolling out some very specific wagering applications that are written using HTML5.

The company is encouraging playing the numbers with the release of its new mobile client. This particular client will first feature Bet365 Poker and Winner Poker. Both of these clients will allow players to get their poker fix using almost any device – iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android (NewsAlert) devices — because the client is browser-based. Those who want to go with the more traditional laptop or desktop computers are able to do so quickly and easily as well.

It seems as if online poker would embrace HTML5 fully simply because of the number of different devices that can take advantage of the tech. The iPoker Network has acknowledged that it has been rather slow to pick up the tech for various reasons. Now that there is a move to mobile devices thanks to HTML5, it seems likely that they will start embracing the tech in big ways.

The iPoker Network is operated by PlayTech and has one of the largest multiroom networks on the Web and the number of people who will now be able to access those rooms is only going to grow. While there have been some complaints about how HTML runs on mobile devices, this approach is much simpler than launching dedicated applications for every platform.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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