September 12, 2013

Upper Hutt City Council Adopts HTML5 for Xplorer Web App

HTML5, the latest revision of the HTML standard, was introduced to support the latest multimedia requirements in the World Wide Web. The platform provides Web developers with the tools they need to develop new websites and multimedia applications to help clients monetize their websites.

Thanks to its advanced input tools, security enhancements and other features, the adoption of HTML5 is growing.

In one of the latest developments, Upper Hutt City Council has improved the Xplorer Web application with the introduction of HTML5 viewer capability.

Xplorer has been operating as rich viewer functionality on PCs using Microsoft’s (News Alert) Silverlight platform. Although the technology works well, it does necessitate the installation of a Silverlight plugin in order to work, the Council said.

With the increased use of mobile devices, and in particular, tablets, this is no longer a complete solution as many such devices run on competing platforms.

The new capability allows businesses and customers access information through mobile devices. It helps the Council provide quick and easy access to core Council data such as Property and Rating details, location of underground services, district planning information and a variety of other information.

Additionally the solution also allows potential house buyers to access property information as they visit places on their wish list.

“This new solution is ideal for contractors,” said Council’s information systems manager, Steve Lock. “They can now actually check the information on site with their mobile devices, which will speed up information turnaround and resulting outputs.”

In another recent development in HTML5 segment, Mozilla (NewsAlert) announced it is entering the second phase of the iPhone for Apps program, especially targeting HTML5 app developers.

The second phase of the program calls for a little extra incentive to get HTML5 developers on board with Mozilla’s mobile OS, specifically, offering developers a free Firefox OS device to port apps from HTML5 to Firefox OS.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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