September 16, 2013

Enounce Unveils Latest Version of MySpeed for Mac with HTML5 Support

Enounce Incorporated, a provider of variable speed playback technologies, released the latest version of its MySpeed program, which gives users the ability to change the speed of HTML5 and Flash video on Apple (News Alert) Macintosh computers without compromising comprehension or sound quality.

The upgraded program targets Mac users who are among the most prolific watchers of online video. It gives them controls of playback speeds of both Flash and HTML5 videos to save time and improve comprehension.

The Enounce MySpeed playback system allows users to speed up or slow down the playback rate of online Flash and HTML5 videos without any “chipmunk” quality to the sound.

MySpeed allows users to speed up videos to save time, or watch more material in less time. It slows down videos to learn or take notes and increases learning with greater comprehension and less frustration.

The playback system speeds up or slows down Flash-formatted, HTML5 videos, Hulu (NewsAlert) and Google Voice. It controls the playback speed in YouTube’s new HTML5 player. The toggling between normal and the last speed used is particularly useful for skimming content and skipping ads, the company said. The system also helps keep track of how much time is saved using MySpeed.

The patented solution can be used to speed through audio and video without missing content, allowing users to change the playback speed of videos they watch on YouTube (including the new HTML5 player) and other websites, Hulu, Google (News Alert) Voice, corporate training, educational courses and seminars, and other online video material.

The easy-to-use MySpeed slider bar allows real-time speed changes whenever a video is playing in a Web-browser or standalone player.

Other benefits of MySpeed include speeding up videos to save time, or watch more material in less time. It also slows down videos to learn or take notes and increase learning with greater comprehension and less frustration.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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