September 16, 2013

WeVideo Now Functional Offline with Chrome

With video recording technology readily available on almost all mobile devices, people are using this platform to communicate their thoughts and ideas for business or pleasure, and anything else that comes to mind. Video sharing sites such as YouTube (NewsAlert) only provide a platform for uploading the content and letting everyone see the latest offering. WeVideo, on the other hand, allows users to edit the video they have recorded and jazz it up before they choose to upload it. In the past this was only possible online, but the company has released WeVideo Next, a Chrome app available at the Chrome Web Store that will let users create content faster by being able to work on and offline.

This application is exclusively for the Chrome browser and it uses the computing power of the cloud to offload the processing power of the user’s computer. WeVideo Next imports the files from the source of where the video is located and synchronizes the projects and content with WeVideo account the user has setup.

The application was developed using HTML5 and WebGL, and will run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS as well as other standard web technologies to reduce any compatibility issues, providing a flexible platform that is fast and efficient with a UI that simplifies the experience for the user.

The video editing features on WeVideo Next include: trim your video clips, add captions and music, publish your finished videos to Google (News Alert)+ and WeVideo, auto-load and search your local and online media libraries and work with local content on their computers without syncing to the cloud. Additional editing options provide adaptable, storyboard, timeline and advanced editor modes as well as built-in themes.

"Working with WeVideo on HTML5, without any need for plug-in technologies like Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash, is a huge step forward to realizing our vision of being available anytime, anywhere on any device. Google has taken a huge step forward in developing the operating system of the future. Traditional desktop OS’s are losing their importance as applications are starting to move from traditional desktop OS to cloud-based operating systems," said Jostein Svendsen, CEO and co-founder of WeVideo.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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