September 20, 2013

HTML5 Tech May Find Success in Gaming with Goo Technologies’ New

Goo Technologies’ gamble on HTML5 technology may be paying off.

There is clear promise in the HTML5 technology used in the gaming sector as Goo Technologies shows off its new casino app.

Called, the gambling website uses HTML5 graphics. It is browser-based and employs 3D hardware acceleration. Along with WebGL, which improves operations, it “can run fast enough on the web,” Venture Beat reported. This makes the games “instantly playable, with no need for browser plug-ins,” the report adds. resembles a real casino with different gambling rooms and tables. There are some 850 games available.

Venture Beat explained that one added benefit is that by using HTML5 once the app or game is written it can be run on web browsers of any device. No additional software needs to be downloaded.

The game is meant for a desktop computer. A mobile version could be offered later, Ciol reported.

Other attempts at using HTML5 technology in such games have fallen short.

“HTML5 itself has been a false hope for many companies because games that use it have been too slow,” Venture Beat said.

In addition, using WebGL is a limited option because it is only supported in new versions of web browsers.

But Goo Technologies thinks their experience with will be different.

“Our team is really proud of the results of our work with,” Marcus Krüger, chairman of Goo Technologies, told Venture Beat. “We feel the end result really showcases the robust graphics and smooth performance developers can achieve using Goo Engine. It’s a great testament to the power of HTML5 and I think it has serious ramifications not just for the iGaming industry, but for other fields as well.”

Edited by Alisen Downey


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