September 23, 2013

eFlip Standard Supports HTML5 for Mobile Flipbook Creation

eFlip, a provider of PC and Mac software utilities, has made mobile flipbooks possible with the latest version of its eFlip standard software, which provides support for the HTML5 format.

Digital publishers can now leverage the eFlip standard software to produce page-flipping e-books in HTML5. The e-books are compatible with any type of mobile device and allow users to expand their mobile market to reach more customers. This advancement is expected to make Flash less popular as the new Web format gains prominence owing to its flexibility and ease of use.

The capability to convert to HTML5 allows users to create better flipbooks that can be read by more people. This facilitates the dissipation of more information in less time.

Reading is made possible on iPads, iPhones, BlackBerrys and Android-based smartphones. Files such as PDF, Microsoft (News Alert) Office, and OpenOffice can be converted to flipbook format featuring text, images and tables besides preserving the general layout.

This format also allows users to add links, sound, icons, templates, scenes, and so on enhancing and streamlining the production of online publications.

In addition to e-books, eFlip Standard can be used to create magazines, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, presentations, photo albums and more. It greatly simplifies the distribution of readable material across a wider audience.

Recently upgrades were made to eFlip Standard to convert PDF to flipbook format effortlessly and successfully. The new features help the client make reasonable and intelligent flip books. The eFlip standard accompanies 3D page flip impacts and upholds for PDF and in addition MS Office documents and file formats.

The system offers twenty predesigned arrangements with which the clients can make flip books. The software offers 5 GB of free space limit in the online distribution space account. Programs to create customizable flip books quickly are also available.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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