September 24, 2013

Zooz Using HTML5 for Mobile Commerce Platform

A variety of businesses depend on HTML5 for different uses. Gaming has always been a way to use the language because of its ability to be used on multiple platforms. Mobile commerce and mobile advertising are also business sectors that are starting to pick up steam in HTML5 adoption.

The payments platform Zooz is one company that seems to understand the extra access that using HMTL5 can bring. The company recently unveiled a new payment platform that can be used on multiple devices – because it is based on HTML5.

HTML5 enables this payment platform to have a much more stable and dependable, as well as more unified, experience across multiple platforms. “In payments, it’s not just the backend and thinks like API integration that matters. You also have to make the entire experience very user-friendly,” said Zooz business development VP Noam Inbar in a statement.

Inbar added that when it comes to mobile payment, having a unified checkout experience is incredibly important. HTML5 was the choice of the company for precisely that reason. Now the company says that its application will be able to “erase the boundaries” between Andoird, iOS and the Web. Zooz says that buying items on any of the platforms will feel exactly the same.

Zooz believes that merchants will welcome this particular development because customers don’t like to feel like they have to learn how to use a site several times over. By using HTML5, the shopping experience will be easier for both the company and the customer alike.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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