September 30, 2013

SautinSoft Releases RTF to HTML .Net Library 4.0

A larger proportion of the Internet than ever before runs on HTML5, and that amount is looking to carry on thanks to the growing proliferation of mobile devices that favor such an environment, along with the growing number of devices put in play for work environments thanks to the bring your own device (BYOD) doctrine that’s on the rise. But putting out material in HTML5 can be difficult, though in some cases, it’s about to get quite a bit easier thanks to the new RTF to HTML .Net Library 4.0 from SautinSoft.

RTF to HTML .Net Library 4.0 does much of what it says on the box, in that it allows for the easy and rapid conversion of rich text format (RTF) documents to HTML5 format, which in turn is compatible with the markup validation service. The new version, meanwhile, allows for improved conversion rates over the previous installments, as well as an improved level of integration with both Linux Debian Server and Windows 8.1. That’s not the only new feature, however, as now HTML documents can be generated with images nested inside same thanks to the help of the Base64 algorithm. This allows the conversion to happen totally within the device’s memory, making for a more secure environment as the components can work, server-side, without having to turn to the hard drive.

Better yet, users won’t need to install MS Office, or similar word processing program, to get the documents put together in the first place, as RTF to HTML .Net Library 4.0 is an independent component, allowing for conversion within its own auspices. It allows the total size of the required code to go in place to go from tens of thousands of lines, at last report, down to just two or three lines, a huge reduction by any standard.

As for what will be needed to run RTF to HTML .Net Library 4.0, the library itself only needs .Net 2.0 or higher, and will work with a variety of platforms, including Linux (Mono-project), as well as Android (NewsAlert), Windows and Mac. The library can be used with Delphi.Net, ASP.Net, WinForms, Silverlight and several other platforms besides. A developer’s license can be had for as little as $239, and offers 12 months’ worth of updates as well as a lack of expiration date. There’s even a free evaluation license available so that potential users can try the service out for size before stepping up to one of the other licenses available, like site or server, and of course, the aforementioned developer.

With an increasingly large percentage of documents coming out in HTML5 for online consumption, having an easy way to switch RTF documents to HTML5 is a smart idea for Web developers to have on hand. Offering HTML5 allows better access for mobile devices, and improving access for mobile devices means tapping a growing market of readers, which is exactly the kind of thing that most anyone who’s publishing documents would want in the first place. While SautinSoft’s solution may not be for everyone, RTF to HTML5 .Net Library 4.0 will likely go a long way in terms of conversion needs.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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