October 04, 2013

KnowledgeVision to Highlight the Importance of Responsive Design

The emergence of modern Web technology like HTML5 has made it easier for developers to design “responsive” websites and apps that support multiple Web platforms and operating systems.   

Responsive design refers to layout and content that is displayed according to the screen resolution, orientation, and capabilities of the device on which it is displayed.

As the use of smartphones and tablets rise, developers are thinking of ways to present their work through responsive designs that will preserve the look and feel of the themes across multiple platforms.

KnowledgeVision Systems, a provider of online presentation technology and tools, announced it will roll out a new series of mobile online presentation initiatives in the coming months.

The new presentations will focus on how to adapt to the screen dimensions and capabilities of tablets and smartphones, as well as desktop devices, said KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich.

 “It’s no secret that content is being consumed with increasing frequency on mobile devices, from tablets to smart phones,” observed Kolowich. “Increasingly, viewers expect to have the same quality of experience across all the devices they use to learn, communicate, and collaborate.”

 KnowledgeVision has begun limited testing of new media players and new publishing and design approaches based on the HTML5 standard, the company said. These players are expected to bring consistent experience to online presentation viewers, no matter what device they want to use.

“Some popular smart phones, for example, prevent other content from being displayed on the screen while a video stream is playing. We’ve put a lot of thought into how to preserve the content-rich interactivity of the KnowledgeVision presentation experience, while taking the fullest possible advantage of any given device’s capabilities,” Kolowich said.

KnowledgeVision aims to deliver consistency across all devices as part of its KnowledgeVision Anywhere initiative. KnowledgeVision Anywhere is available as a standard feature of KnowledgeVision’s system, which is available in Enterprise, Corporate, Professional, and Basic editions.

Edited by Blaise McNamee


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