October 07, 2013

iSpring QuizMaker 7 Enables Quiz Publishing in HTML5

HTML5’s role in the education space continues to strengthen, thanks to companies like iSpring Solutions. Earlier this year, the maker of eLearning software released version 7.0 of its iSpring Pro PowerPoint conversion software with support for HTML5 conversion as well as Flash. The company has followed this up with the release of iSpring QuizMaker 7, again with new HTML5 support.

QuizMaker is a solution that allows users to publish tests in various formats. The latest version adds the ability to publish in HTML5 format while maintaining Flash support, making it easy to produce rich-media quizzes accessible from any device, from PCs to smartphones. As such, QuizMaker 7 allows educators to stay ahead of the technological curve as mobile device use is rapidly growing with students from kindergarten to high school and beyond, according to a recent survey produced by IESD and backed by STEM Market Impact.

Indeed, the solution can help users save time by eliminating the need to create multiple copies of the same assessment for different devices. It also boasts an easy-to-use interface meant to increase efficiency.

“iSpring QuizMaker 7 is a must-have tool for any educator who wants to benefit from the most up-to-date e-Learning technologies while enjoying a comfortable, hassle-free authoring process,” said Yury Uskov, CEO of iSpring Solutions, in a statement.

Quizmaker 7 also boasts excellent performance that stems from a “superior level of engineering,” according to iSpring. Meanwhile, a number of enhanced features help speed along the creation of quizzes and surveys, such as the ability to import queries from Microsoft (News Alert) Excel spreadsheets.

Despite the high level of customization available to QuizMaker 7 content developers, all content produced with the software is SCORM/AICC compatible and can be integrated seamlessly into any learning management system. The latest version of QuizMaker can even generate Tin Can API-compatible quizzes and surveys.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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