October 12, 2013

HTML5 Report Week in Review

Maybe it was the chill October air, but the HTML5 space was as busy as ever this week. Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

First up, Foxconn began its move toward an HTML5 ecosystem with the draft of the development for it. In particular, the company is implementing an Internet data center to support an HTML5 application R&D center, which should be up and running by the end of the year. Foxconn’s focused move toward HTML5 has to do in part with staying relevant as mobile devices take the reins from PCs.

Next, HTML5 Web development platform Wix introduced a new solution that automatically converts websites into a mobile-friendly format. Now that most Web users are often mobile, a good mobile site is crucial, especially for smaller businesses. Wix’s new solution takes all of the work out of the process, converting event e-commerce functionality and other applications into a format more digestible on mobile devices.

In other news, the W3C (NewsAlert) and Tim Berners-Lee, regarded as the creator of the World Wide Web, are being criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and others over the decision to include video content-control extension as part of the HTML5 spec. In particular, the Encrypted Media Extension (EME) is making its way into the proposed HTML 5.1 standard, allowing for encrypted video to be sent across the Web. This has those who favor an open Web concerned about DRM.

Of course, there was some HTML5 gaming news as well this week as Hexagon Game Labs released a closed beta version of an HTML5 game called “SteamPower1830.” This free-to-play, multiplatform online title allows players to build cities, establish trade and manage a fleet of steam-powered trains. More importantly, thanks to its HTML5-based Ubique Game Engine, SteamPower1830 can facilitate gaming sessions between PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Lastly, Bsquare unveiled a Tizen-based HTML5 Human Machine Interface for automotive connected solutions this week. With the help of Bsquare’s HTML5 Rendering Engine, developers will be able to create powerful, engaging UIs while protecting proprietary code. Of course, an HTML5 base allows this new platform to work seamlessly on practically any hardware.

That about does it for this week, but there’s more HTML5 news to be found on the HTML5 Report’s front page.


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