October 14, 2013

PhotoBiz Introduces Mobile Responsive Site for HTML5

Kodak (NewsAlert) was founded by George Eastman in 1888, and almost a century later in 1975, the company developed the first digital camera. The fear that the technology would ruin its photographic film business was the basis for the company deciding to drop the product, which basically resulted in the downfall of the company years later. While film cameras are still around and being used less and less every day, the flexibility and options digital cameras offer and the expense associated with film will relegate it to a niche market. PhotoBiz, a managed website solutions company for photographers, creative professionals, and other small businesses, recently introduced a mobile responsive site for HTML5 to give customers the ability to showcase their portfolio without compatibility issues on mobile devices.

The new PhotoBiz HTML5 Portfolio Sites is designed to display the photographic content of its customers no matter which device the customer uses to access the site. The website visitors can access the content using computers, smartphones, and tablets without losing any of the quality and image due to screen size.

The new platform is available for free for users of the PhotoBiz HTML5 Portfolio Site. All customers have to do in order to make the site available across all platforms is for HTML5 Portfolio Site users to republish their site. The content of the site will be automatically translated into the Mobile Responsive Site, including existing content, images, and colors without having to write any code or hire a professional.

The entire content of the website is displayed according to page, so users will be able to see all the information on the site whether it is an image or a contact form. Since photographers use this service, the gallery pages are especially designed to ensure image quality is not lost when it is viewed on a small screen. A grid view of the images is displayed with endless scrolling. If there’s a particular image a user wants to see, all they have to do is tap it and it will fill the screen of the smartphone. Navigation icons can also be used to scroll through the images to zoom in further.

The contact page is also designed to exploit mobile tools. Users can tap the phone number and it will prompt the user to place a call, and if an email address is tapped a new email window will open to write a message.

"The mobile responsive HTML5 site is just another way we have refined our Portfolio Sites. It allows users on a mobile phone to see the same content, only displayed in a way that is more visually appealing and functionally sensible," said Carrie Hamrick, PhotoBiz Research and Design Team, in a statement.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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