October 14, 2013

HTML5 Adoption Pros Far Outweigh Cons

It wasn’t that long ago that HTML5 seemed like an unknown commodity. Thanks in large part to a number of developers trying out the programming language, we know quite a bit more about it today. In several ways, HTML5 is a lot like using the cloud; there doesn’t seem to be a reason to avoid the tech, but there are still people who are slow to trust it. Those who are still wary of using HTML5, be rest assured that there are far more pros than cons when it comes to implementation.

The biggest advantage is that creating multiplatform accessible sites is incredibly easy. This means that HTML5 comes in handy when talking about sites with content that can be easily loaded. Cross-platform compatibility is another huge positive of HTML5 coding. There are all kinds of different companies these days that are using HTML5 coding because they like how laptops, PCs, tablet and smartphones can all access websites and applications built with HTML5.

Mobile commerce and mobile advertising companies like Zooz are among those that have found the benefit of using HTML5. This programming language simply makes it that much easier to reach more customers, because it caters to all kinds of different Internet users.

Mobility is obviously a very big plus when it comes to HTML5. Whether working with iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Microsoft (News Alert), there is no need to create multiple native applications. Using HTML5, you can write the application once and know that you are reaching all four mobile operating systems. Other companies have managed to take advantage of this by launching solutions that take to help with the multi-platform rollouts. Wix is one such company that has made it that much easier to convert websites to mobile almost instantly.

Considering sheer number of people browsing the Web using mobile devices, companies like Wix are going to be seeing quite a bit more business in the coming years. It would behoove developers to jump on the HTML5 bandwagon, if they haven’t already done so, before they are left in the dust.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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