October 14, 2013

Room for Beginners at DevCon5

The DevCon5 HTML5 developers conference on Dec. 10-11 in Los Angeles, Calif., will include new room for beginners with an introductory track two-day course. 

What Does the Introductory Track Cover?

The HTML5 introductory track will cover the best practices for designing HTML5 and JavaScript apps. It will also give recommendations on how to improve the performance of websites and apps. The track will include Node-based JavaScript or Node JS, and will touch on how to use Node JS to interact with server side data. 

The HTML5 introductory course will discuss the use of JQuery mobile to develop applications for smartphones and tablet computers. This will how include how WebRTC is used to deliver real-time media via Web sockets, and how to develop and deploy enterprise wide applications. 

The course also discusses the future of HTML5. Mobile Web and desktop PCs are not yet interchangeable, and websites designed for a PC often encounter problems when viewed on a mobile device. Furthermore, the two-day course looks at the alternatives to JavaScript, as that language has begun to fall out of favor. 

The seminar covers the security risks of using HTML5, and how attackers can access it or manipulate it. HTML5 developers also need to prevent across site scripting and a number of evolving threats. The introductory track discusses options for identity management while keeping security in mind. 

Other Presentations at the DevCon5 Event

An Advanced HTML5 session track will be taught at the DevCon5 event. The advanced sessions cover topics like video calling, cascading style sheets animation, adaptive techniques to create websites that run on any device, interacting with big data and using WebGL. The DevCon5 conference will feature a number of exhibitions and sessions in addition to basic and advanced tracks. 

This is the last DevCon5 conference of the year, and a perfect opportunity for those who missed the conference in New York in July 2013. DevCon5 has something for everyone, from beginners to advanced HTML5 developers.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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